Splash of Red Event

After The Storm - Abstract Expression #6

I am pleased to announce that I am participating in an upcoming online art auction, the Splash of Red event through the Caetani Centre in Vernon.  The online bidding begins July 31st and ends August 13th.  Click here to watch my interview and hear about the painting I have in the auction https://splashofred.caetani.org/2020/abstract-expression-5-after-the-storm-nikki-balfour/.  Interested in bidding on this piece?  Read all about the auction and how to participate in the link provided https://splashofred.caetani.org/

Stay safe and be well,

Nikki Fine Art

Into The Blue

A few weeks ago I hosted my very first exciting online art auction.  I had 5 paintings up for bid (which all found homes!) and I also decided to do a live painting to demonstrate my style and technique over a zoom video.  During the zoom part of the event, to my surprise, people asked if they could also bid on the live painting, so I decided to include it too.

Over the last few days I added the final few touches to the painting and delivered this refreshing piece to it’s new loving home!  

Here is the completed painting that I lovingly titled ‘IntoThe Blue’ - so calming and refreshing. 


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