Hand Painted ‘Beachcombing’ Converse Shoes

Hand painted ‘Beachcombing’ themed Converse

Right shoe

Left shoe

NEW!!  Hand painted ‘Beachcombing’ Converse Shoes.

ONLY 1 pair available.

These shoes are a size 11 in women’s or size 9 men’s.

These one of a kind hand painted beachcombing themed shoes.  The beachcombing theme is inspired by my times away travelling and finding treasures on my walks along the beach.    

These shoes are perfect for any beach lover, and would make a perfect gift for any shoe collector.

Asking price is $375.00

Shipping is extra.

Are you interested in a custom hand painted pair of Converse Shoes?  My hourly rate is $75 and I suggest starting with two hours and going up from there depending on how much detail you are looking for.  Please message me through my contact page if you are considering.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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